LumiCon Asset and Material Tracking System

LumiCon Asset and Material Tracking System makes it easy to consolidate your tools, machinery, assets, precast elements, and equipment under a single platform:

With each new entry, you can keep a running history of where your assets and precast elements are at any given time.

Monitor how frequently and heavily your machines are being used to better distribute the workload among your fleet.

Know exactly when your tools and equipment need to be serviced, saving you unnecessary time and costs.

Keep tabs on the quality of your assets and precast elements by linking photos and detailed notes to each entry.

Full Visibility into Assets

Reduce downtime

Keep downtime to a minimum and save on unwanted or unnecessary costs by knowing exactly when your equipment needs to be serviced.

Increase productivity

Ensure your workers have all the information they need at any given time by synchronizing asset and material information across your entire project.

How it works

Start Tracking in 3 Simple Steps

With LumiCon Asset and Material Tracking System, you can start managing your precast elements and job site assets in three easy steps:


Generate and print a Track ID and attach it to the precast element or equipment.


Scan the QR code using the LumiCon Asset and Material Tracking System app.


Begin logging the status of your assets and materials throughout the project duration.

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LumiCon is a fully integrated digital solution developed by Brickeye for the construction industry. Click here to learn more about Brickeye.