Blog February 8, 2021

Keep Your Project Running on Schedule with LumiCon

One of the most important steps to ensure your concrete slabs are curing as intended is to frequently send samples of that concrete to a lab for strength testing and analysis. The lab runs a series of rigorous tests to measure the compressive strength of a cylindrical concrete sample. The results are then sent back to the site, where you can then get an idea of how your concrete slabs have progressed. Although lab tests are very detailed, the lead time required to perform one sample test – including logistics and testing time – could result in weeks of inactivity and downtime for the entire project. If a test comes back with unfavourable results, however, another must be done a few days later in order to account for any changes in environmental conditions or curing behaviour, resulting in even more costs and downtime.

But with LumiCon, that all changes.

LumiCon Wireless Concrete Sensors use highly accurate digital sensors to provide real-time concrete temperature and strength measurements throughout multiple points in a single slab. With LumiCon, you get a complete picture of the curing progress of your slabs without needing to spend valuable time and money on frequent lab tests. Plus, with cloud integration, you can quickly see up-to-the-minute updates on the progress of your concrete, wherever you are and at any time you’d like. To ensure the data collected from the sensors is both consistent and accurate, LumiCon sensors are ruggedized to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and pressures. On top of that, LumiCon sensors can be embedded within your concrete slabs at any depth for unprecedented visibility into deep concrete pours or piles. Based on ASTM, LumiCon Concrete Sensors help you reduce the number of break tests needed throughout the entire project, thus helping to optimize your project schedule and save on unnecessary costs.