Case studies March 13, 2020

Eiffage Construction

Company Introduction

Eiffage Construction is a French construction company specialized in private and public sector construction as well as civil engineering projects. The Eiffage group consists of over 70,000 employees operating in eight separate business lines and have worked on over 100,000 projects all around the world. 

The Challenge

Eiffage was selected by the Government of the Northwest Territories in Canada to rehabilitate the Hay River Bridge. Up until this time, Eiffage was using conventional thermocouples to measure the internal temperatures of concrete. They had tested out more advanced concrete sensing technologies in the past, but found that none of the available solutions helped them meet project requirements or save on capital cost. The company was looking for a reliable concrete sensing solution that would accurately monitor temperature differentials and provide them with real-time data reporting capabilities, all while durable enough to operate in an extremely cold and remote environment.

The Solution

Eiffage decided to use AOMS LumiCon for its distributed sensing capabilities over long distances as well as its durability in extreme weather conditions. Moreover, highly accurate sensors and automated data collection meant that Eiffage could reduce the number of break tests throughout the project, saving both time and cost.

LumiCon’s integrated software also provided an easy way for Eiffage to meet their project requirements, with the ability to send customized reports of real-time changes directly to project stakeholders.

The Result

LumiCon’s distributed sensors and ruggedized assembly allowed for reliable and automated concrete data collection throughout the entire project. The sensors were easy to install and maintained an accuracy of ±0.4°C while operating in the exceedingly cold temperatures of Northern Canada. Plus, built-in cellular connectivity enabled LumiCon to consistently transmit real-time data to the cloud.

AOMS Lumi cloud-based software provided real-time insights and intuitive data visualization which could then be shared in multiple formats across the organization with 100% visibility.

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