Case studies June 1, 2021


Image sourced from Ontario Power Generation

Company Introduction

Kiewit Corporation was founded in 1884 and is based out of Nebraska, USA. Kiewit is one of the largest construction organizations in North America, with over 135 years of experience specializing in all types of building projects.

The Challenge

Kiewit was building four more doors to a dam located in Northern Canada, where temperatures can dip to below -30ºC. The extreme cold can dramatically increase the time it takes for a single slab of concrete to cure. To counteract the cold weather effect, Kiewit built a heated shelter around the slabs so the concrete would not be affected by the outdoor climate. In order to maintain curing progress, Kiewit needed a reliable concrete temperature monitoring solution that would measure both surface and core temperatures of their large slabs simultaneously. 

The Solution

Kiewit chose LumiCon Concrete Sensors for their ruggedized industrial design, industry-leading accuracy, and reliable connectivity. LumiCon Concrete Sensors are built to operate comfortably in the extremely cold conditions of Northern Canada. 

The Result

Using LumiCon, Kiewit was able to effectively control the curing progress of their large concrete slabs despite the harsh weather conditions of the site, all while maintaining regulatory standards and keeping their clients well-informed.

LumiCon provides good data for us to show the client right away that we are following the progress of the concrete closely, and it even allows us to strip the forms and remove the thermal shelters quicker. The system helps us prove that the concrete has adhered to its thermal curve, helping us streamline our project schedule.

— Olivier Lamontagne (Concrete/Demolition Field Engineer, Kiewit)

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