Case studies April 24, 2020

Pepper Construction

Company Introduction

Pepper Construction Group is a general contracting and construction management firm that provides services for commercial, healthcare, entertainment, and institutional clients. A family-owned firm founded in 1927, Pepper contributed to projects such as The Merchandise Mall, Marshall Fields, and the Shedd Oceanarium. They now have divisions in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Texas and have been at the forefront of new markets and methods, leading the construction industry in virtual, sustainable, and lean construction technologies. 

The Challenge

Pepper was selected for the construction of the Community Cancer Center project in Indiana. Up until recently, they had implemented the use of another sensor technology to measure the internal temperatures of their concrete pours but weren’t able to access their data off-site. Pepper was looking for a reliable and distributed concrete sensing solution that would accurately monitor internal temperature and strength differentials for wall panels and roof slabs in real-time. They also wanted an easy way to access their data remotely without needing to be at the job-site.

The Solution

Pepper decided to use AOMS LumiCon for its distributed sensing capabilities to compare points along the length of the wall panels. With a total of 50 sensors used throughout the duration of the project, LumiCon’s automated data collection capabilities gave Pepper full visibility into the status of their concrete slabs. This allowed them to reduce the number of break tests throughout the project which saved on both time and overall cost. LumiCon’s cloud-based software also provided an easy way for Pepper to meet their project requirements and send concrete temperature and strength data reports directly to project stakeholders.

The Result

LumiCon’s distributed sensors were easy to install and – with the help of their ruggedized assemblies – maintained an accuracy of ±0.4°C. Pepper successfully deployed the sensors to measure temperature and strength data in real-time while correlating it with the ambient temperatures throughout the project’s duration. Plus, AOMS Lumi cloud-based software allowed Pepper to access their concrete data and analytics remotely, reducing their need for job-site visits.

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