Case studies July 17, 2020


Company Introduction

PROMIX is the leading supplier of ready-mix concrete for the construction industry in Puerto Rico. With batch concrete plants in Carolina, Ceiba, and Guaynabo, they supply contractors with a variety of concrete mixes to meet their specific project requirements. 

The Challenge

PROMIX supplied concrete for a six-floor parking garage project in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The post-tensioned concrete slabs used throughout the project needed to reach a strength of 3000psi, however the laboratory results had too many variations, further delaying the overall project schedule. PROMIX needed a method of monitoring the strength of their concrete slabs in real-time and with a high degree of accuracy.

The Solution

PROMIX chose LumiCon Wireless Concrete Sensors for their easy plug-and-play installation, portability, measurement accuracy, and reliability. Around 100 sensors were used throughout the entire project, giving stakeholders complete visibility over the status of their concrete pours. The LumiCon cloud-based software application allowed PROMIX to set specified thresholds and alerts to know exactly when their slabs were cured to their desired strength.

The Result

LumiCon Wireless Concrete Sensors maintained a temperature accuracy of ±0.7ºF and provided real-time strength data, allowing PROMIX to accurately determine when their slabs reached the desired strength threshold of 3000psi for post-tensioning. By eliminating any variations in their strength data, PROMIX was able to save up to three days per pour, advancing each stage of the project by one month for a total of 25% overall project advancement.

“The system helped us advance the project’s schedule and allowed for better monitoring and quality control of the concrete. Delays in the project have been greatly reduced due to cylinder handling situations and project stakeholders are receiving real-time information on what is happening in the structure.”

— Pedro Rivera (Partner, PROMIX)

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