Case studies September 19, 2019

Tridel Group

Company Introduction

The Tridel Group of Companies is one of the largest residential Real Estate Groups in Canada. The Group consists of several affiliates focused on diverse areas of real estate including development, sales, construction, property management, and other related real estate services. 

The Challenge

The Tridel Group needed a way to measure temperature and relative humidity to determine the effects of weather conditions on their concrete pours and measure the in-place concrete strength using temperature sensor data based on ASTM C1074. One of the requirements of the project was to monitor concrete slabs with beam sections that were 3 feet thick with 8 inch thick floors. The client needed an efficient and accurate way of ensuring that the concrete was ready for each new stage of the building process. Cylindrical break testing would prove to be time-consuming and inefficient for such a large scale project. In addition, industry standards needed to be achieved and maintained throughout all stages of the project.

The Solution 

The Tridel Group used AOMS’ LumiCon multipoint temperature and relative humidity sensors for the project as a means of accurately sensing concrete slabs in real-time. The cloud-connected sensors were installed inside concrete floor slabs between August and November to understand the effect of temperature and weather conditions on the curing process. Recoverable sensors were used in this project so that all sensors could be reused in the future after each testing period.

The Result 

The temperature data had a ±0.4°C temperature accuracy. Integrated sensors were distributed along the cable and revealed significant differential between mass concrete. It was also found that the curing of concrete was significantly dependent on ambient weather conditions. 

Tridel also conducted concrete core testing to compare strength reported by LumiCon to actual on-site strength. The reported strength from the LumiCon sensors matched the core testing results. Data showed that in the summer months or warm weather conditions, builders saved 20% more time.

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