Case studies July 6, 2020

WM Jordan Company

Image sourced from Virginia Tech University

Company Introduction

WM Jordan Company provides construction management, preconstruction, and general contracting services to clients in Virginia and The Carolinas. Their projects include construction, renovations, and expansions to commercial, municipal, healthcare, and industrial facilities. 

The Challenge

WM Jordan was chosen to work with Virginia Tech’s Facilities Department for the construction of their Creativity & Innovation District (CID), a project which included learning spaces, studios, a performance hall, faculty apartments and dorm rooms. The company needed a highly reliable concrete sensing solution that would wirelessly transmit accurate concrete temperature data even in extreme weather conditions.

The Solution

WM Jordan decided to use AOMS’ LumiCon Concrete Monitoring Solution for its distributed and wireless sensing capabilities. LumiCon Concrete Sensors were easy to install and had an accuracy of ±0.4ºC. Its robust wireless connectivity and ruggedized build gave WM Jordan the ability to monitor the status of their concrete pours throughout the entire project, even in extreme weather conditions.

The Result

LumiCon wireless Concrete Sensors provided seamless remote monitoring of concrete slabs, and the estimated strength data – based on ASTM C1074 (maturity method) – matched their break tests. This allowed WM Jordan to minimize the number of cylinders needed for strength testing and increase production efficiency via reduced formwork time. The Lumi software provided powerful and real-time insights into concrete temperature and strength throughout the duration of the project.

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