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Boost productivity, ensure safety, and meet regulatory compliance at your job site.

LumiCon for Construction

Concrete Sensors

Monitor concrete temperature, maturity, and concrete strength automatically with LumiCon wireless Concrete Sensors.

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Job Site Sensors

Inspect and monitor job site conditions remotely using LumiCon Job Site Sensors.

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Asset & Material Tracking

Track and monitor vital materials, tools, and assets throughout the project lifecycle with LumiCon Asset & Material Tracking System.

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Why LumiCon?

Productivity & Efficiency

Automate time-consuming tasks to improve job site productivity and efficiency with LumiCon sensors and Asset and Material Tracking System.

Get real-time estimates of concrete strength remotely without visiting the job site.

Track the location and usage of your assets throughout the duration of the project.

Optimize the maintenance schedule of your assets and tools with a fully synchronized digital log.

Reduce insurance premiums and deductibles.

Reduce rework by collecting firsthand insight from construction sites at all times.

Job Site Safety

Perform remote inspections and establish the safety of your workforce using LumiCon Job Site Sensors.

Measure the surrounding atmospheric conditions and get a multidimensional look into potential safety risks at your job site.

Detect any airborne pollutants, gas emission levels, and noise to ensure the health and safety of your workforce.

Maintain complete visibility over the integrity of your structures.

Regulatory & Insurance Compliance

Collect the necessary data automatically to meet regulatory codes and industry standards with LumiCon sensors and Asset and Material Tracking System.

Ensure your concrete meets industry and project standards (such as ASTM, ACI, and CSA) with LumiCon Concrete Sensors.

Manage respiratory risks by monitoring air quality and gas levels (NOx, CO2, NH3, etc.).

Track certification and maintenance dates to stay on top of routine inspection and repair schedules.

Inspect environmental conditions related to pollution and emissions.

Use Cases







The Lumicon system is a refreshing addition to the new technologies being introduced to the concrete industry.

“The Lumicon system is a refreshing addition to the new technologies being introduced to the concrete industry. The app is very user friendly and makes it easy to add new stakeholders, monitor concrete pours in real time, and automatically generate customized reports. The Brickeye team provides exceptional customer service and technical support to my business. They are available to take my calls regarding orders or technical issues any time I need. The Lumicon system for concrete temperature monitoring is the most well thought out and user friendly system we have come across. My company would recommend the Lumicon system to anyone looking to monitor concrete temperatures or are looking to improve upon the reliability and access their current monitoring system provides.”

Dean Grimm

Delta Lab Manager, EXL Engineering Inc.

The system was easy and convenient to use

“I am very pleased with how easy it was to set up and use the LumiCon concrete monitoring system. It was very convenient to be able to see the concrete’s temperature and strength over the weekend from my house. I am very pleased with the product.”

Guillermo Ramos

Project Engineer, Saunders Construction

LumiCon helped ensure specified temperature thresholds

“The AOMS LumiCon system helped us ensure the concrete did not exceed the maximum temperatures and delta temperatures specified for the project.”

Jayson Watt

Assistant Quality Manager, F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co, Inc.

We were able to minimize formwork time

“We had several pours that cylinders were not taken due to the smaller size of the pours. With the sensors (strength reporting) we were able to minimize the time that formwork needed to remain by and allowed us to form up our next portion.”

Jos Barna

Project Engineer, WM Jordan Company

Case studies

Case Studies

Granite Construction

Using LumiCon Concrete Sensors, Granite was able to accurately and confidently monitor the curing progress of their concrete slabs throughout the entire duration of the project.

Dam Construction

Using LumiCon, the client was able to effectively control the curing progress of their large concrete slabs despite the subzero temperatures of Northern Canada.

Video Case Study: FA Wilhelm Construction

We sat down with Ryan Decker, Quality Manager at FA Wilhelm Construction to talk about his experiences using LumiCon Concrete Sensors.

Rizzani de Eccher

Rizzani de Eccher used LumiCon for its easy installation, reliable data collection, and real-time reporting capabilities.

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