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Job Site Sensors for Remote Monitoring of your Project

LumiCon Job Site Sensors give you a multidimensional look into your job site conditions to:

 Automate remote job site inspection

Improve quality, safety, and productivity

Save on warranty costs and insurance deductibles

 Enable lean construction and sustainability

Optimize construction project schedules


Real-time Data at Your Fingertips

As a cloud-based platform, LumiCon software is designed to work hand in hand with our wireless Job Site Sensors to enable remote monitoring of your construction project. With our software, you will have the following features:

100% visibility into job site conditions in one single dashboard

Generate reports and share insights with stakeholders

Set up customized notifications and alarms remotely

Integrated with Autodesk BIM360 and Procore

→ API’s available for third-party integration

Job Site Sensors FAQs

Not at all! LumiCon Job Site Sensors are cloud-based, which means you can access all of your job site or plant data remotely from any mobile device. Use the provided credentials to login to the LumiCon app and check your job site or plant’s environmental conditions 24/7.

The LumiCon app allows you to seamlessly generate reports and share them with your stakeholders in multiple formats.

With easily customizable notifications and alarms, you’ll be able to instantly receive alerts when you’re reaching certain thresholds or levels.

Of course! Feel free to email us at or call 1 (888) 401-2667 and our team can help set you up with a trial of our LumiCon Job Site Sensors!

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