Get ahead of the curve with LumiCon Concrete Sensors.

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Take control of your project schedule and ensure the quality of your concrete with the world’s most trusted wireless concrete sensor solution.

But don’t just take our word for it:

LumiCon helped ensure specified temperature thresholds

“The AOMS LumiCon system helped us ensure the concrete did not exceed the maximum temperatures and delta temperatures specified for the project.”

Jayson Watt

Assistant Quality Manager, F.A. Wilhelm Construction Co, Inc.

We were able to minimize formwork time

“We had several pours that cylinders were not taken due to the smaller size of the pours. With the sensors (strength reporting) we were able to minimize the time that formwork needed to remain by and allowed us to form up our next portion.”

Jos Barna

Project Engineer, WM Jordan Company

The sensors were durable and easy to install

“The sensors were durable throughout the entire project and easy to install. Once plugged in, they automatically began collecting and transmitting concrete data to the cloud, giving us accurate temperature data even in cold weather conditions.”

Antoine Bonnardel

Field Engineer, Eiffage Construction

The system helped us advance the project schedule

“The system helped us advance the project schedule, better monitoring, and quality control of the concrete. Delays in the project have been greatly reduced due to cylinder handling situations and all those in charge of the project (owner, inspection, contractor, and designer) are receiving real-time information on what is happening in the structure.”

Pedro Rivera

Partner, Promix PR

Why Choose LumiCon?

Unlike other solutions on the market, LumiCon is a complete all-in-one platform that lets you see – with industry-leading accuracy – the performance of your concrete slabs without ever stepping foot at your job site.

What Are Concrete Sensors?

Concrete sensors help you:

Get quick insights into concrete temperature, maturity, and strength.

 Fast-track your project timeline.

Boost efficiency and productivity with real-time data.

How Does LumiCon Work?

LumiCon can be set up and ready to go in three easy steps: