News September 28, 2020

Complete Connectivity. Any Time. Anywhere.

This is the third and final installment in a multipart series where we break down the major components of our industry-leading LumiCon IoT Platform. 

In our last two Minute Monday’s we covered the features and capabilities of both LumiSense (our advanced Concrete Sensor cables) and LumiNode (our ruggedized transmission node). The final piece of the entire LumiCon solution is the LumiHub communication gateway. LumiHub bridges the concrete sensors to the cloud through seamless connectivity over a robust cellular network. Easily mountable and with little-to-no setup, LumiHub provides a secure wide network area suitable for most construction job sites. It consolidates and uploads data from multiple LumiNode transmitters in real-time regardless of changes in atmospheric conditions or weather patterns. LumiHub gives you the confidence that your data will always be accessible at any time, and from anywhere.

Learn more about LumiHub on our website, and stay tuned for more Minute Monday posts every week! You can also check out our other blogs to learn more about IoT in construction.