News April 27, 2020

How Do Concrete Sensors Improve Construction Worker Safety?

The COVID-19 situation has forced industries to change the way they operate in an attempt to flatten the curve and improve their workers’ safety. Governments are advising people to keep a safe distance from each other, but in a hands-on industry like construction – where workers need to be on-site in order to keep projects running smoothly and on schedule – that can be a bit of a challenge. 

But technologies like wireless concrete sensors can help. They automatically collect, transmit and process data like concrete temperature, maturity, and concrete strength without you ever needing to step foot on the job site. The data they collect is highly accurate and can be accessed from anywhere. Plus, with the help of sophisticated analytics software, you get highly valuable insights and predictions into the curing timeline of your concrete slabs. That way you can dispatch workers only when absolutely necessary, keeping the total number of workers at the site as low as possible at any given time. 

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