News January 25, 2021

It’s Time To Replace Your Thermocouples

As is with every construction project, its success depends on the performance of its weakest link, in this case it’s the stage of the construction process that is the most time consuming. That stage is concrete. The time it takes for a slab of concrete to fully cure is around 28 days (not accounting for changes in environmental or atmospheric conditions). During that time, a portion of the workforce is dedicated to measuring and collecting internal concrete temperatures to track their progress. Using simple thermocouples, workers manually probe and record concrete temperatures, which not only takes up time, but is also not very accurate, as thermocouples can only measure a localized spot in the slab. 

LumiCon Wireless Concrete Sensors, on the other hand, take concrete temperature measurements to an entirely new level. It’s distributed sensing capabilities and real-time wireless connectivity allow project managers to quickly see the status of their concrete slabs with industry-leading accuracy at the touch of a finger. LumiCon Concrete Sensors constantly transmit data in real-time, so managers and project stakeholders can access their site at any moment for minute-by-minute updates. To add to that, workers don’t need to spend valuable time collecting data manually, and are able to then be redirected and reallocated to other aspects of the project, further improving and streamlining the project schedule.