News January 18, 2021

How LumiCon Streamlines Concrete Pouring and Production

One of the most important steps in ensuring concrete is cured to specification is lab-based break testing. Samples of the concrete mix are periodically sent to a laboratory where it undergoes compression tests to determine the overall strength. Although these tests are very rigorous, they take up valuable time and — depending on the environmental and site conditions — can sometimes be inaccurate. If a break test comes back with unfavourable results, another one needs to be done a few days later, leading to more downtime and increased costs. 

LumiCon Concrete Sensors unlock an unprecedented amount of insight and information into the curing progress of your concrete slabs and precast elements. Not only can they monitor internal temperatures and pressures with a high degree of accuracy, they can also measure concrete maturity and strength based on leading industry standards. LumiCon Concrete Sensors constantly transmit concrete data to the cloud, where it can be easily accessed from anywhere. This means you can reduce the number of break tests needed all while ensuring that your concrete is cured to your specifications.