News July 6, 2020

What Are LumiCon Job Site Sensors?

LumiCon Job Site Sensors provide real-time insights into environmental conditions, energy consumption, hazardous gases, vibration, and asset location at any construction job site. Housed within the body of the LumiNode (the wireless transmission node used for concrete sensing applications), Job Site Sensors give project stakeholders a multidimensional look into the surrounding and localized conditions of their projects for better risk management. They can measure – in real-time – parameters like temperature, humidity, noise levels, hazardous gas composition, wind speed, and barometric pressure. The data they collect is instantly uploaded to the cloud where it can be easily accessed in the LumiCon desktop and mobile app. Project managers can set customized thresholds for factors such as noise and gas levels to ensure the safety of their workforce throughout the entire project. 

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