2020 April:AOMS Technologies and PCL Partner to enhance Smart Construction (News Release)
2018 July:AOMS Technologies Announces the Launch of LumiCon™, a New Generation of Concrete Sensors (News Release)
2017 December:Is Fiber Optics the Future of Industrial Sensing?” – Interview with AOMS CEO
2017 November:AOMS Technologies featured in the Government of Ontario Spotlight success stories
2017 October:AOMS Announces Deployment of Patented Fiber Optic Sensing Technology in Environmental Projects in Europe (link)
2017 May:AOMS Technologies sponsors International Thermal Treatment Symposium (I2T2)
2017 May:AOMS President and COO Featured at First Look Angel Investor Meeting 
2017 May: AOMS advances to round two of the Shenzhen Nanshan “Entrepreneurship Star” Contest.
2017 April: AOMS Technologies CEO Showcased in Mitacs Canada’s Next 150.

LumiCon is a fully integrated digital solution developed by Brickeye for the construction industry. Click here to learn more about Brickeye.